Hey! I'm Prayush. I'm a frontend developer currently based in Ottawa. I build effective & responsive web interfaces with an intuitive UX design approach.

Stuff I've Done


A sweet library which allows you to view images, disguised as links in the browser. A nifty way to enhance the users experience.

Subtle Scroll

Experimenting with CSS shadows to add depth to the UI


A quickly built, fun little 404 page paying homage to the tv series Community.

Interactive Dots

More canvas experiments! This time I also tinkered with background gradients and other other color combinations to create a visually richer experience. In addition to this, I also added the ability to create a "force field" around the cursor from the dots, when the user clicks on the canvas.

Vibrating Particles

Tinkering with the canvas api to create a visual experience. Randomly created "particles" jitter over the screen. Hover over them to enlarge them! Created with HTML5, CSS3 & vanilla JS.